This is the homepage for the RESPONSE initiative


The vision for the RESPONSE initiative is to address critical knowledge gaps in the field of energy-related safety and security, and thereby facilitate safe and sustainable conversion, transport and use of energy carriers in industry and society.

The aim of the first initiative was to establish a Centre for Research-based Innovation (SFI) in the area of energy-related safety and security. To this end, University of Bergen (UiB) submitted a proposal to the Research Council of Norway (RCN) on 25 September 2019. However, RESPONSE was not included in the LIST of 22 new SFIs that RCN published on 12 June 2020.

Related activities

Ongoing and planned research activities at the Department of Physics and Technology (IFT) at UiB include:

  • A PhD project on chemical inhibition of hydrogen explosions.
  • An open PhD position on the use of hydrogen as an energy carrier in society: risk picture, risk awareness and public acceptance (HySociety).



The logo for RESPONSE is inspired by graphical elements:

  • The fire triangle
  • The explosion pentagon
  • Risk contours.

The logo was created by


The picture of the large jet flame in the header and footer is from an experiment with delayed ignition of a natural gas release, performed at Spadeadam as part of the Demo 2000 project AIRRE.

The picture of the fire at the hydrogen refuelling station in Sandvika on 10 June 2019 is from the webpage of the Norwegian Broadcasting Company (NRK).

The picture of the vented deflagration experiment in a 20-foot container is from tests performed by Gexcon as part of the EU project HySEA.

The illustration of flame propagation in a channel with obstacles is from a detailed numerical simulation of methane explosions by Elaine Oran and co-workers.

The corrugated propane flame inside a balloon is from experiments performed as part of a PhD project at UiB.